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Get your slice today – Opening an Abo’s Pizza Restaurant!

In today’s super competitive business environment one of the many obstacles facing any new business is the time and expense it takes to get your brand “out there”. Abo’s Pizza with 38 years of Colorado front range brand name recognition is offering anyone qualified, who is seriously looking to start their own pizza restaurant, the ability to piggy-back off the hard work and subsequent success of the Abo’s Pizza brand name.

Although many Abo’s customers think it’s a franchise, you should be happy to find out it will be a license agreement that you sign to become an Abo’s Pizza partner. This means even though both franchise and licensing agreements are governed by the same laws, franchises are in the securities category while licensing is in the contract law category. It’s a big difference as franchises require much more discloser which always means more hoops to jump through with more costs incurred to basically reach the same objectives. As with any business model there are pros and cons to consider so make sure you understand these before you decide to proceed.

So if you are looking to start your own pizza store and would like a cost effective jump start, Abo’s Pizza Inc. should be a serious consideration. It’s your store to run the way you want to run it and you get to use the Abo’s brand and all that comes with that for a one time license agreement fee. No on-going franchise fees or commissions, so you end up getting to keep all your profits. With 11 stores now operating along the Colorado front range there are plenty of prime territories still available.

Even though Abo’s, as a licensee, has no legal obligation to help or market your business you will find Abo’s Inc. has invested it’s own capital in bringing you more customers.  Need a website or online ordering system? Abo’s can help get you set up in no time.

Additional Information and Resources:
Colorado Office of Economic Development

    • Business Plan
    • Attorney
    • Financial Statements
    • General Contractor
    • Credit Review
    • Accountant
    • Location of 1600 square feet or more required

    • Independent Real Estate Agent
    • Architect
    • Sub Contractors
    • Food Distribution Terms (Pending Credit Review)
    • Training manuals.

    • One Time License Fee $5,000
    • Equipment: signs, tables/chairs, ovens, prep tables, cooler, etc. $40,000-$45,000
    • Electrical $18,000 – $23,000
    • Plumbing $18,000 – $23,000
    • Mechanical $18,000 – $23,000
    • Carpentry (floors, walls, counters) $30,000 – $35,000
    • First Month’s Lease and Security Deposit $6,000
    • Architect: plans and permits. $10,000-$12,000
    • Intangibles: opening food order, office supplies, etc… $15,000 Point of Sale $15,000

    Total Estimated Cost:  $190,000 – $217,000*

    *Fees and costs will flux 15% to 20% depending on existing location, lease hold improvement, lease hold build out, contractors, County requirements, equipment requirements, etc.

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