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Quality of Ingredients Philosophy

Size Matters

Abos Pizza is made to 3 sizes: 18 inch 16 inch 12 inch
Our slices are cut from a 20″ pie!
These sizes haven’t changes since 1977. What’s a chain large now 14″? – that’s why they can sell them for less but you sure get less for your money. YES BIGGER IS BETTER.

The Crust

The dough is an authentic New York Neapolitan pizza dough not mid west bread or biscuit dough.
It’s texture cooks to a brown crispy crust without bubbling is pliable and you can see in the interior air pockets a sure sign of a properly proofed dough.
Ingredients Olive Oil, Yeast, Sugar, Salt, Flour. NO Peanuts or eggs.

The Sauce

The Abo’s Pizza Sauce is a proprietary blend fashioned after the legendary Rocky Graziano pizzeria sauce recipe. The sauce is herby, light, sweet with a hint of tartness. Again no peanuts added.

The Cheese

100% skim mozzarella no blends to cheapen the product..
Skim mozzarella yields a moist and chewy consistency without the oil-slick effect.

The Tomatoes

Abo’s continues to use high quality tomatoes from the same supplier for over 25 years.

The Vegetables

Fresh Vegetables delivered to the stores twice a week.

Abo believes in using better quality ingredients and looks for cost savings elsewhere. When it comes to making a great pizza that is consistent time after time, Abo believes in regularly using the best quality ingredients regardless of price increases.

The Oven

Abo’s Pizza uses the famous Vermont Baker’s Pride Ovens which consist of high quality baking bricks that ensure and even bake over the entire surface area of the pizza. No conveyor belts here.


Dough is made fresh daily and is never frozen. Preservatives are not used. The freshest onions, green peppers and mushrooms are cut daily.